Mobile studio at the 2022 Sydney Knife Show326233577 1519522225124820 8810143084855341580 nI’ve had a keen interest in photographing my collection as well as helping local makers to capture their creations. In 2014 I won the prestigious Spyderco calendar photo contest with my work selected for the top prize - cover position. I continued to hone my skills and improve my setup and equipment both in my studio and on location at knife shows. Having shot alongside my idol, World acclaimed knife photographer – Jim Cooper in 2019 and then again in 2022 provided a massive boost in confidence. Far from being content, I continue to study photography and photo editing techniques, my mantra is simple: “make every photo better than the last”.

More than a collector!

20230116 011029I still have my first knife! Present from my late father when I was 10 years old.
One of the most significant collections of edged weapons and bladeware in Australia has taken over 30 years to put together (and still growing). The collection actually comprises 3 distinct sections: I originally started collecting best factory knives from Japan and USA, this includes most collectible pieces from companies like Al Mar, Chris Reeve, CKF, Emerson, Gerber, Hinderer, Microtech, Randall, Strider, Spyderco and ZT etc. As my participation grew in the custom knife makers community, the collection grew to encompass custom pieces from some of the best makers in Australia and the US. The third, and arguably most significant part of the collection is the Australian military bladeware from WW2 to today. This includes clasp knives, multi-tools, machetes, specialty blades like aircraft escape, munitions safe (anti-spark), Australian Army Utility Knives (AAUK) from all WW2 manufacturers, fine examples of Fairbairn Sykes daggers (including the coveted First Pattern) as well as a complete set of every variant of the Australian Army Stiletto (AAS). Through to Buck 188 bayonette, issued and used on the modern Austeyr.


Part of the Community.

I first got involved in the Australian Blade Forums as one of the founding members in 2011, where I continue to be active as a super-mod with over 8000 posts. In 2013 I was nominated by the Australian Knife Makers Guild to become an Honorary Member, organization where I joined the Show Committee in running the Melbourne Knife Show for 5 years including establishing its current venue location. In 2018 I was invited to join the Knife Art Association as a Committee Member where I remain in active support. With the involvement with these organizations, I’m proud to say that I attended every knife show in the country either as an exhibitor or photographer (with the exception of Covid lock-outs).

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Australian Knife Magazine

My involvement with the publication began with Issue 1 in 2017, and continues to this day (though the Pandemic has interrupted the publication). Though my primary roles were as Editor and Publisher, the lack of decent knife photography in Australia became painfully clear, so I embarked on a steep learning curve to improve my photography skills – a quest that continues to this day.


Safety, Respect and the Law.

“With great knives, comes great responsibility” – I’m sure these words have been said before, but I take them seriously! As well as the obvious care that needs to be taken with highly corrosive steels and delicate finishes, I am also the holder of Chief Police Commissioner of Victoria exemption for prohibited weapons. This allows me to legally and safely own, store, display and transport weapons which are otherwise prohibited.